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Captain. Leader. Thought of by many as the best in-game leader in the game right now, due to his incredible knowledge, intellect and strategies as well as his impressive individual play. gla1ve has brought Astralis to a new level, and the team still continues to rise.

Age: 23 years old
From: Copenhagen, Denmark


Launch options: -high -console -novid -freq 240 -tickrate 128
Resolution: 1280 x 960
Crosshair: gap -1, size 2, color green, thickness 1.
Sensitivity: 2.1 400 dpi 1000 hertz


A lot of people have been asking about our upcomming events. I understand that you want us to play at every BLAST event, but I am sad to tell you that our last 3 tournaments before summer break is: ECS Finals, ESL Pro League Finals and ESL One Cologne. I hope its ok.

The day after a loss is the fucking worst.

I am reading the constructive critism and we will work hard for next tournaments 👊

The cheerfull messages here on twitter and on…

Lost 0-2 against @ENCE - sad loss for us as we really did everything we could to win that game. We have some stuff we need to work on and hopefully we will do better next time. Thanks for cheering and congrats ENCE.