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One of the best players in the world. dev1ce has been ranked in the top 5 of the best players in the world three years in a row. Smart, versatile and with more impact than most, dev1ce has been awarded MVP a total of 9 times in his career.

Age: 23 years old
From: Vejle, Denmark


Launch options: -console -novid -freq 240 -tickrate 128 -w 1024 -h 768 +exec config.cfg +clientport 27022
Resolution: 1024×768 black bars
Crosshair: size 3 style 4 gap -2 color 1
Sensitivity: 2.5


Champions of Blast Pro Sao Paolo. Thank you for the memories Brazil ❤️ @ São Paulo, Brazil

Champions! Passion in the arena was unheard of. Love it even though it wasn’t always for us they were cheering. These memories I’ll cherish forever.
Thanks Sao Paolo 😍😍

I love the new stand off map but I think we should have a scout duel and mag-7 duel too. Dump the CZ/awp imo 😃

4-0! Sick crowd. Love the atmosphere It’s soooooo crazy 😍😍😍🥵