Astralis enters Hydration Partnership with Coco Fuzion 100 –



New Performance Optimization Partner
Astralis enters Hydration Partnership with Coco Fuzion 100

In the constant strive for improved performance, Astralis today announced a brand new form of partnership with the team’s first ever Hydration Partner: Coco Fuzion 100.

Good physical shape, practice, mental balance, a healty diet and the optimal players’ unifor are some of the elements in the Performance Optimization Model, explained by Sporting Director Kasper Hvidt in the video enclosed. Now, Astralis takes the next step in the hunt for the last percentages:

Philip Lindgaard, Head of Sales C7 Brands Scandinavia, explains:

– Coco Fuzion100 is a healthy, natural and extremely relevant alternative in a market dominated by sugar and coffein rich beverages. In order to perform on the highest possible level during often very long games, a stable hydration is essential for the players. In esport, it’s not about 4×15 or 2×45 minutes, the players need to stay sharp and perform over many hours, and this is exactly where Coco Fuzion creates an edge for the Astralis team. It’s a unique opportunity for us to make a real difference in a very interesting and growing market, Lindgaard comments.

Also Astralis’ in-game leader Lukas ”gla1ve” Rossander looks forward to the new partnership:

– In order to deliver a constant top performance over a period of time, you need to focus on other factors than the game itself. Obviously, talent and hard work are important factors, but like in any other competitive environment, it takes more than that. To us, it’s also about maintaining a knife sharp focus for longer periods, and preparation means everything. Exercise, the right diet, differentiated and repetitive practice, a stable blood sugar count, mental balance, the right equipment and the optimal uniform are elements that make a difference, and the focus on a healthy lifestyle has certainly helped our team in the game and in general.

– If you want to be the best you can be, you need to take your body and health seriously, and there are many areas to consider. Staying hydrated and maintaining the right sugar balance means a lot more than most people think, and we’re truly happy to sign a partnership with Coco Fuzion. I won’t try to explain te technicalities and elaborate on the ingredients, I can only say that besides being healthy, it actually tastes extremely good, says Rossander..

Anders Hviid, Head of Marketing C7 Brands Scandinavia elaborates:

– First of all, we see a giant potential in esport. It’s the fastest growing competitive entertainment worldwide and Astralis is one of the leading teams. We see a direct link between professional esport and our mission at Coco Fuzion 100: We want to challenge the norms and we believe that the cooperation with Astralis will enable us to increase the focus on healthy living and performance optimization in the gaming community, Hviid comments.

Coco Fuzion contains 100% natural ingredients produced on green, ecological coconuts. No products contain preservatives of any kind, no added sugar or caffeine, and the hydration effect is significantly higher than water, which is a major part of the reason for the cooperation between Coco Fuzion and Astralis.