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Astralis and RFRSH Entertainment today announced a new partnership with which will bring together the ambitious platform for eSports ( and Astralis, who is supported by the eSports and digital entertainment powerhouse RFRSH Entertainment.

Jakob Lund, Co-Founder of RFRSH Entertainment and EVP of Sales, comments:

– We have entered an agreement with that will secure both parties massive and creative exposure and include a range of new ways of activating a partnership deal. is investing to become the new go-to platform for everything eSports with unique content and experiences to all their users, and we in RFRSH Entertainment share their way of thinking – and their ambitions.

– Over the past 16 months, Astralis has grown to become a major eSports brand, and we are continuously investing to develop new and unique content around the brand. This is something we will exploit further with who has shown a great commitment to the partnership by contributing to the biggest ever partnership for both Astralis and RFRSH Entertainment. We have agreed not to go into details, but is investing well into the seven digits in this multi year deal, Lund states. CEO Michael Broda adds:

– We have been looking for a strong partner who can help further establish and bring exposure to the site and brand. Having been in dialogue with a range of organizations, I can only say, we have found the strongest one out there, and we are very happy to finally announce the partnership with Astralis, made possible by RFRSH Entertainment.

– The partnership with Astralis and RFRSH is a significant investment, but we also expect a lot in return. Astralis will help us drive awareness and eyeballs to, which will be a key hub for all eSports enthusiasts out there. It will be the future hub of exclusive eSports content with updates, tickets, tournaments and merchandise all in one place. We just started the platform and will see a lot of new features on over the coming months.

– We decided to announce the partnership now, as we want to bring attention to the site and invite every fan of eSports, every player and every organization to be a part of the journey. With we want to build a platform with in-depth information for the hard core fan and all relevant information for everybody with just a remote interest for eSports. The partnership with Astralis is a big step, but it is only one of many to come, Broda comments.


About aims to be the biggest eSports portal in the world. The platform will offer coaching by professionals, charity tournaments supported by celebrities, comprehensive statistic data, live coverage and it wants to take sports journalism, in terms of eSports, on a new level.

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