Astralis and Audi Danmark reunited –


When Audi Denmark was presented as a new Astralis partner back in January, it caught the attention of the entire esports community. Although designed only as a 3-months pilot project to promote the Audi Q2 #untaggable campaign, it also paved the way for other non-endemic mega brands into the world of computer sports.

Both Astralis and Audi Denmark were very pleased with the positive community response and the results of the partnership. After thorough analysis of the results and during the following conversation between Audi Denmark and RFRSH Entertainment both parties decided to enter into a permanent agreement.

Jacob Thiesen, Digital Manager, Audi Denmark:

– We are very satisfied with the results from the pilot. However, when we enter this kind of agreement, we’re not only focusing on the numbers. For Audi Denmark, the CSR values of our partners are of utmost importance. The way Astralis and RFRSH work with a performance model combining gaming with physical training, focus on what the players eat and drink, mental balance and a healthy lifestyle is vital: Optimizing the body and mind to perform on the short and long run while staying sound.

– This partnership has the potential to play an important role in Audi Denmark’s future campaigns and model releases to engage with the attractive community in the world of esports.

Jordi Roig, CCO of RFRSH Entertainment:

– It’s a big day for RFRSH and Astralis. We are very happy to have been able to attract a brand in the category of Audi on the back of the results we’ve created together. The Audi x Astralis Q2 #untaggable spin off campaign was nominated for best insights, and it surpassed our own wildest expectations in terms of fan engagement and earned media reach. Luckily, Audi Denmark felt the same way and we are now looking forward to building a new strong engagement between Audi and the community.

– Esports is an extremely rewarding field for brands that make an effort to understand the industry. Esport as a passion media is a gateway to a young hard-to-get audience that is getting more and more resistant to traditional media. Old-fashioned one-way communication does not work with this audience and if you want to engage with this target group, you need to mean something to them, you need to be true to who you are and at the same time embrace what they do. Audi Denmark understands that and this is why we were able to create the results we did.

The new shirt, will be introduced on Thursday at a large fan event in the largest mall in Denmark. The new Astralis shirt is the first ever jersey designed specifically for esport players with their specific needs. Perfection lies in the detail. For Astralis and for Audi.

About Audi Denmark
Audi Denmark is a part of the Semler Group – Denmark’s largest group in the automotive industry. Import of Audi has been located here since 1975, and during that period the brand has been through a rapid development. Audi currently has eight dealers and 26 authorized service partners distributed throughout the country, and the brand is strong with a good image and an attractive and comprehensive model program. Audi’s vision is to be the most attractive and progressive premium brand.

About RFRSH Entertainment
RFRSH Entertainment is an esports Media Company, creating and producing unique content and media products around teams, tournaments and esports in general. RFRSH Entertainment has developed and owns all rights for BLAST Pro Series. RFRSH Entertainment provides winning commercial and marketing strategies for companies looking to enter and succeed in the fast growing and diverse market of esports. For more information, pictures and video go to or contact