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By many considered one of, if not, the best support players in the world. Xyp9x has a tough position in-game, constantly supporting his teammates in every aspect of the game. Many believes he’s actually a robot due to almost always making the right decision in the clutchest of situations.

Age: 23 years old
From: Aalborg, Denmark


Launch options: -freq 144 -console -novid -high -tickrate 128
Resolution: 1680×1050
Crosshair: cl_crosshairsize 2.5 – cl_crosshairgap -1.5 – cl_crosshairthickness 0.7
Sensitivity: 1 – 800 dpi


Intel grand slam is in our bags🏆🙏🏻

What a journey 2018 has been for us! Fucking proud of the whole team and everyone supporting us in every aspect around us💪🏻

This is your win too👊🏻 GG

Grand final tomorrow, will be a good match with either opponent!

Thanks for the support today in the crowd. Just amazing😍🇩🇰

ICYMI: Our signing session here in Odense will be 17.00 CET today! 🖋💥

Let's make it a long queue, we can't wait to see you 🇩🇰