Q&A about Astralis ownership – Astralis.gg

When the news broke yesterday that René ‘cajunb’ Borg was transferred to Team Dignitas, we knew that there would be questions regarding the ownership of Astralis. That is only natural considering that the ownership discussion was such a large part of our announcement.

The reason why we didn’t say anything yesterday was not because we wanted to shy away from the questions, but because we wanted to answer them all at once in a single place. We’ve collected the questions since yesterday and have answered the most relevant ones below.

What will happen with cajun’s stake in Astralis? (@steffensamu)

René has vested a small amount of his initial stake in Astralis. Due to the transfer he won’t, as stated in our first AMA, keep all his shares. He will retain the vested amount of shares and thus still be a co-owner in the company, however only a minority without any voting rights. He will not have an active say in how we do our business, but he will receive insights on how the business progress including budgets, sponsor agreements etc. since that’s his right as a co-owner.

Is René making or losing money based on his initial investment by leaving already? (@jcoste)

René has not lost any money on this transfer. As a part of the departure from Astralis we have compensated René a fair amount, but that has nothing to do with his investment. That’s related to his player contract and him being taken off active duty as a player before his contract expired.

Now as a player of dignitas is there still a chance for cajunb to be a partner after ending his career as a pro? (@ChristianBisch3)

If by “partner” you mean employee, then yes, there’s always a chance that René can make a come back in Astralis if/when his career ends. We are still on good terms with René and he is still very popular within the team and management.

Will Kjaerbye become a CO-Owner of Astralis since he joined the team? (@lyt3x)

Kjaerbye will not be a co-owner of Astralis at first. We are always open, as we are with any employee in the company if they do great work, to give them access to ownership. We have an option pool that’s created for that purpose. So yes, he might be a co-owner in Astralis later on.

Valve has a rule that says a person cannot own two teams (matchfixing concerns) does the rule apply to cajun owning one and playing in another? Were Valve consulted? (@GoMeZCSGO)

First of all, René does not own any part of Dignitas (unless we have missed something), so in the rule’s literal sense there is no issue. As for whether or not it applies to René, we don’t know. From our perspective we are happy to have René as a co-owner of the company, and Dignitas are alright with it, so we don’t see an issue in its current form. Because of the swiftness of the transfer we have not had the chance to consult with Valve yet, although we are obviously reaching out to them to hear how they feel about this.

Wouldn’t there be a conflict of interest during a Dignitas vs. Astralis game? Wouldn’t cajunb want Astralis to win because he’d make money from their success? (@Muskoke_)

René does not directly make any money off Astralis’ success. His stake in the company does not grant him part of the prize money won nor the sticker money (or any other money earned in the company). René’s shares will ultimately only be worth something when/if Astralis as a company is sold, until then they are a passive asset. But yes, there is a potential conflict of interest and we understand the concern, however René’s stake in the company is not worth a potential loss. Let’s take an example: If we were to face Dignitas in the major final, the potential loss for René would not be worth it. He’d lose more in prize money by getting second place, than he’d gain from his shares.

If Dignitas, Valve or any other directly involved party have a problem with it / thinks otherwise, we’ll revisit the situation with the involved parties. We have no interest in Astralis earning wins in an unfair manner (or what could be seen as an unfair manner). That’d only backlash and harm the company.