More information about dev1ce

dev1ce has been playing Counter-Strike since 2006.fb-small twitch-small twitter-small

Click to download dev1ce’s config and autoexec.

In-game settings
Launch options: -console -novid -high -freq 144 -tickrate 128
Resolution: 1280×800, black bars
Crosshair: I change a lot. 😉 Newest is in the config, but I might have changed it already.
Sensitivity: 2.2, 400 DPI

Keyboard: ZOWIE Celeritas
Mouse: ZOWIE EC1-A / Razer DeathAdder Chroma
Headset: HyperX Cloud II
Mousepad: ZOWIE GS-R
Monitor: BENQ XL2420-T

General info
Age: 20 years old
From: Odense, Denmark
Status: Single

A bit about the game
Warm-up routine: At tournaments I enjoy playing BOT DM if there isn’t internet access. If we are allowed on the interwebz I enjoy playing regular FFA deathmatch.

Favorite map: de_overpass

Worst opponent: I guess if worst means hardest I have to mention GuardiaN as an individual and EnVyUs as a team.

Best memory from CS: There are many good memories both from in-game and traveling with my teammates. Playing on the big stages is what you remember the most, and Cologne ’15 was the biggest experience I’ve had with big crowds and stages.

Fun facts
What other games do you play: Uh, I play SO many games. Every time I find a new game, I basically play it non-stop until I’m good at it. Latest game was CoD Black Ops 3: I ended up buying a SCUF controller and a MixAmp headset just to be able to play with people that were good, and to get good myself.

Favorite thing to do besides gaming: I work out a bit, run, watch series and movies.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a professional: I would probably study, and probably at a law school. Though I could also play a shit load of different games, stream or just work and travel like other young people do in our age. I do most of this anyway, I am just getting paid to do it. 😀

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz

astralis-devveOne of the best players in the world. Need we say more? He was ranked 20th in 2014 and advanced to 3rd in 2015 as one of the best players of the entire year. dev1ce is known for his impact in the game and is feared by many.

dev1ce: “I’m a very versatile player in my opinion. I can do most things pretty well. In 2016 my main focus will be the sniper position on the team. We’re trying out new stuff which I’m eager to show.”