PanzerGlass Official Gold Partner of esports powerhouse Astralis –



  • Unique partnership deal signed between Astralis and PanzerGlass
  • New Astralis related PanzerGlass products
  • Live stream with Astralis and fans on new PanzerGlass map at 15:30 CEST

Danish Counter-Strike powerhouse Astralis has entered into a major partnership deal with PanzerGlass, a Danish-founded company delivering world class screen protection to businesses and consumers on a global scale. Besides exposure, on- and offline activation initiatives, the partnership will include the launch of a number of unique PanzerGlass products.

The deal, facilitated by RFRSH Entertainment with the help of Lagardère Sport Danmark, will showcase a new way of co-branding e-sport and non-endemic products, including specially designed game maps, unique made-for-fans mobile protection designs with the Astralis brand, Meet n’ Greet activities as well as a central place on the players’ shirts.

Jordi Roig, CCO of RFRSH Entertainment, representing Astralis:

– PanzerGlass is the perfect match for a CS:GO team. Everybody knows the feeling when you drop your phone, it ends face down on concrete and you just know the glass is shattered to pieces. The total relief when you pick it up, turn it and see it’s intact and completely fine – that feeling, that moment, that is a PanzerGlass moment! In CS:GO there are several of these moments, when you think you’re down and out, and in some way you win the 1 vs 3 clutch, you make that insane shot or you come back to win the whole thing after trailing 7-13 in the final map of the Major Final. Those are all great examples of PanzerGlass moments.

– We are very focused upon matching Astralis with the right commercial partners to bring value not only to the partner, but also to the team and especially the fans. The real value lies in activation and engagement, and needless to say, we’re very excited to introduce a brand and organisation like PanzerGlass, who value and focus on fan activation in the same way we do. RFRSH Entertainment and Astralis was originally matched by Lagardére Sport Denmark who perfectly understood both parties needs and also played a major part in negotiations closing the deal.

Lene Bach, Head of Global Marketing, PanzerGlass:

– We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with Astralis, who is amongst the best in the world at what they do. We simply fell in love with the team and the professional setup that has been made around it – and we are impressed by the amazing results the team has created in such a short time. Through this, we see many parallels between Astralis and PanzerGlass – and on top of this, both brands have strong Danish roots but operates on the global scene.

– Esport in general is experiencing a tremendous growth not only in terms of player numbers but also as an entertainment product and a spectator sport – and due to this development, we see great opportunities in teaming up with Astralis and becoming a part of the esports community. We work hard to ensure that our joint activities – both in the analog and the digital world – will appeal to the esports audience and engage them in inventive, unconventional ways.

– One of the big strengths in this partnership is the chance to bring retail and end-consumers together. We are designing a range of new products, planning fan-hangouts with retail partners, organising meet n’ greets for fans, coordinating various esport related competitions for end-consumers and our retail partners – and a lot more. We simply can’t wait to roll these countless initiatives out to our retail partners and end-consumers together with Astralis.

Steen Leth-Jørgensen, Executive Director Lagardére Sports Denmark:

– The PanzerGlass and Astralis partnership is the coming together of two globally focussed Danish brands. The organisations’ common origins and values create a good basis for the cooperation. In PanzerGlass, Astralis is gaining a strong partner that appeals to the esport fan base with its products and planned social media promotions. We are looking forward to supporting and playing an active role in the development of the partnership, explains Steen Leth-Jørgensen.

Video – PanzerGlass Moment:


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