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Our new tactical mastermind. Gla1ve’s transfer symbols a new Astralis era! Astralis “2.0” will rise to the stars with gla1ve as our ingame leader.

Age: 21 years old
From: Copenhagen, Denmark


Launch options: -freq 144 -high -tickrate 128 -console -novid
Resolution: 1280 x 960
Crosshair: gap -1, size 2, color green, thickness 1.
Sensitivity: 2.2 400 dpi 1000 hertz


"That's not a knife..." 😏 An adventure Down Under we won't forget.

Watch the full film:

@turtlebeach #WeAreElite #ToTheStars

A big congrats to you my friend @caspercadiaN and to your teammates from @GoingRogueGG aswell ofcourse. Well done and we will see you at the @FACEIT Major where hopefully both of us will go to the next stage!

In the crowd meeting the fans, when suddenly Coach @zonic_cs spots a couple of fans, one being an Astralis fan and one soon to be... 😂🤗


Gg wp, no final for us this time around. Didnt play bad and didnt play out best game, really felt how great NaVi played. Amazing fans, thanks for all the great support in the arena and from home 💪

Next up is ELEAGUE premier where I hope we can lift the trophy once again!