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Captain. Leader. Thought of by many as the best in-game leader in the game right now, due to his incredible knowledge, intellect and strategies as well as his impressive individual play. gla1ve has brought Astralis to a new level, and the team still continues to rise.

Age: 23 years old
From: Copenhagen, Denmark


Launch options: -high -console -novid -freq 240 -tickrate 128
Resolution: 1280 x 960
Crosshair: gap -1, size 2, color green, thickness 1.
Sensitivity: 2.1 400 dpi 1000 hertz


This time around we sadly didnt win 😕. Next up for us is @ESL Pro League Groupstage 💪. We will do everything we can to start winning again 🔥! Thank you everyone who supports us even when…

Thats what I call an off day. Gg wp @mibr, @TeamLiquid and @FaZeClan - GL in the final whoever gets there. This day just felt bad, we did what we could to get back up but it didnt work.