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One of the best players in the world. Need we say more? He was ranked 20th in 2014 and advanced to 3rd in 2015 as one of the best players of the entire year. dev1ce is known for his impact in the game and is feared by many.

Age: 21 years old
From: Vejle, Denmark


Launch options: -w 1024 -h 768 -console -novid -high +tickrate 128 +clientport 27020
Resolution: 1024×768 black bars
Crosshair: size 3 style 4 gap -2 color 1
Sensitivity: 2.5


Didn't tweet yesterday but I want to wish you guys good luck with @mibr. Positively surprised that they are moving from a gaming house to offices and I enjoyed the interview with @tomi. We need people with a different view on things and I think both the org and team will do great

Need keyboard recommendations after mine broke in my luggage traveling home from bootcamp, need to be able to have MX brown switches ✌️

Now is your chance to be part of bringing BLAST Pro Series around the globe.

We’re looking for:

A Head of Execution
A Facility & Venue Manager
A Technical Production Manager

.@dev1ce is ready with another @turtlebeach Star Tip 👀😍

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