Astralis swaps cajunb for Kjaerbye –

All good things come to an end and today that means we are making a change in the active lineup of Astralis.

The team, which had been together in it’s current form since December 2014, has decided to replace René ‘cajunb‘ Borg and bring in a new fifth.

The move comes following a series of lackluster LAN performances, including the two group stage exits at DreamHack Masters Malmö and the ESL Pro League Finals.

Here is what the Astralis coach, Danny ‘zonic‘ Sørensen, had to say about the change:

– Today is a sad day. We have decided to replace cajunb following a string of bad results, including two failed group stages at consecutive events. We always aim to be the best team we can be, but we have had several issues in the last few months. Initially, we tried switching positions, developing new strats and trying to anti-strat our opponents in a different way, but it is now time to try a more drastic approach.

– Personally, I would like to thank René for a wonderful time and I wish him the best in the future.

Adding Markus ‘Kjaerbye’ Kjærbye

Instead of Borg, we will be bringing Markus ‘Kjaerbye’ Kjærbye in from Dignitas. When we first decided to bench Borg, Kjærbye was the first name that came up amongst the players as a replacement.

Kjærbye has despite his age shown that he is able to hold his own in International tournaments, and he joins Astralis as a newly crowned EU Minor champion with Team Dignitas.

Because he has played the EU Minor for Team Dignitas, Kjærbye is barred from participating in the ESL Cologne Major, which means we will be looking for a stand-in for that event. In all other leagues, ECS and E-LEAGUE included, he is not barred from playing and will be part of the active lineup. He will debut on the team tomorrow night against FaZe in ECS.

We talked to Kjærbye who expressed confidence in his choice, stating that he sees the move as a perfect fit for both him and Astralis:

– It feels amazing joining Astralis. I’m very excited but even more confident that it is a good fit for both the team and me, and I feel ready for the challenge. Joining Astralis is a dream for every Danish cs player, as it’s not only the best team in Denmark, but a brand competing for big international titles, which perfectly suits my mindset and goals for the long term future.

dupreeh: “Markus will bring a lot of firepower”

Peter ‘dupreeh‘ Rasmussen feels the same way, saying that the addition of Kjærbye will spark a new light in the team:

– Bringing in Kjaerbye hopefully brings in new motivation and a new aspect to our game! I’m looking forward to a new era in Astralis, and I am confident that Markus will bring a lot of firepower to the team and a new way of approaching the game.

As a part of the deal, we will be transferring Borg to Team Dignitas, where he is slated to replace Kjærbye.

Managing partner Frederik Byskov expressed his gratitude towards Borg and wishes him the best of luck:

– René is a good friend of the team and staff, a great professional player, and therefore we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavours.

The sentiment was mirrored by Rasmussen, whom also extended a personal thanks to Borg:

– I’d like to give a personal thank you to René, for being a fantastic teammate for more than 1,5 year. It’s sad to let go of not just a good player, but also a good friend. I hope the best for him in the future!

Also a huge “thank you” to Michael ‘ODEE’ O’Dell, owner of Team Dignitas, for the swift and professional negotiations that enabled this deal to go through.

You can follow Markus ‘Kjaerbye’ Kjærbye on the following links:

Make sure to come back tomorrow where we’ll have a comprehensive interview with Kjaerbye and Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen!