Astralis set to face NiP in ELEAGUE quarterfinals –
Astralis at EL Season 2


The boys fly back out to Atlanta this week for their quarterfinal match up against Ninjas in Pyjamas and they are hoping to replicate the success of the last week, which saw us climb to the top of the ECS scoreboard with ten wins in a row.

We had a great start to ELEAGUE in the group stages, defeating world-champions SK Gaming and ALTERNATE aTTaX to top the table and secure a place in the quarterfinals where we will face the Swedes in a Bo3 on Wednesday, November 30 at 5pm EST.

Ninjas in Pyjamas, who finished second in group B below Polish giants, stunned SK Gaming on Cache and Cobblestone in the finals of IEM Oakland last week to claim $125,000 and their second trophy in only three months with key player Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg picking up the most valuable player award.

Since their win in Oakland though, the Swedes have only won three of their last eight matches and were denied their spot in the ECS finals by a triumphant Mousesports.

We last faced NiP on Friday, November 25 in the league where we defeated them 16-9 on Overpass and then 16-11 on Cache, however in the second map friberg was replaced with freddieb due to illness.

Despite a great start and a triple kill by GeT_RiGhT on the first round of the first map, Astralis were able to execute a number of retakes and defuses as CT’s in a closely fought half, which ended 8-7 in our favour. After the switch, the boys were able to take control of the game with their exceptional T side, forcing NiP to suffer on site.

In the first round of the second game Xyp9x unlocked beast mode during the A site retake with two kills, while dupreeh took the rest. Although both teams continued to trade rounds for the rest of the half, device, Xyp9x and dupreeh showed off their skill with a number of triple and quad kills which crippled the opposition’s economy.

A last minute showing from Xizt helped the Swedes take the final two rounds of the half, taking the scoreline to 8-7 but again after the team switch, the boys were able to run amok as terrorists with device dropping a 30 bomb to help win the double header.

While previous head to head results do not favour us, our recent form will concern the Swedes who will be looking for revenge in what will be an exciting game in front of the crowds in America. The winner will then go on to face SK Gaming or Dignitas in the first semifinal.

To watch the match, tune into ELEAGUE’s Twitch broadcast here.