Astralis qualify for ECS Season 2 Finals –
ECS Season 2 Finals


With just five days home between finishing IEM Oakland and flying out to the ELEAGUE Playoff, the team had a rushed program this week in ECS Season 2.

The five matches still pending would decide the outcome for the boys and decide whether ELEAGUE would be the final event of the year, or if the season would be extended another week.

Luckily the jetlag didn’t seem to influence the performances as we marched over the competition in an impressive fashion. Of the ten maps played we didn’t drop a single one, taking a clean 10-0 which translates to a 13-5 overall record and a first place in the European groupstage.


  • 2-0 vs Fnatic (16-8, 19-15)
  • 2-0 vs Virtus.Pro (16-4, 16-11)
  • 2-0 vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (16-9, 16-11)
  • 2-0 vs G2 Esports (16-2, 19-17)
  • 2-0 vs Godsent (16-3, 16-7)

The result means that we’re seeded first in the ECS Finals and will most likely be facing Immortals in the first game due to them ending fourth in the North American groupstage.

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