Astralis enter partnership with Futureplay for E-LEAGUE –

We at Astralis are excited to announce a partnership with mobile game developer Futureplay for the duration of E-LEAGUE. Made up by industry professionals coming from EA, Rovio and Remedy, to name a few, Futureplay are behind new game title Build Away!; a free to play, mobile city builder which rewards strategic thinking and smart choices.

“From the first talks with Futureplay, it was obvious that we had similar values,” Founding Partner of Astralis, Jakob L. Kristensen said. “They are a small startup in a big industry, just like us, and they respect and understand the vision we have for our organization. At the same time, they have worked tirelessly with us to make Astralis a meaningful part of their game, something we value very highly.”

The partnership will see Build Away! integrate the Astralis brand inside their game, helping unfold our story to tens of thousands of non-esports followers.

Check out the Astralis HQ in Build Away!
The four levels of the Astralis base in Build Away!

Throughout the duration of E-LEAGUE we will be hosting giveaways, tournaments and both internal and external competitions with Build Away!, culminating in two lucky fans getting the opportunity to play with the team. So what are you waiting for?! Download Build Away! and get that Astralis Base in your town!

For more information about the game, follow @buildawaygame on Twitter or visit /buildawaygame on Facebook!

About Astralis

Established in January 2016, Astralis is a leading esports organization, with one of the world’s best CounterStrike: Global Offensive teams. The organization is the first ever to be co-owned by the players in the esports industry, and has received investments from Sunstone Capital and former Podio CEO, Tommy Ahlers.

About Futureplay

Futureplay was founded in 2015 by a group of professionals with over 60 years of total experience in the gaming industry from companies such as EA, Playfish, Rovio, Remedy,  Boomlagoon and Reaktor. They coined the term View-to-Play as the first companies to focus on rewarded video. Futureplay’s 2015 debut release “Farm Away!”  introduced the gaming world to innovative idle swiping games. A year after starting up Futureplay “Build Away!” was launched. Great gameplay and ads done right can be great, you will see – just follow us.
For more information, visit, and follow the studio on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.