Astralis agrees on karrigan transfer –

As the game we love continues to change, so do the teams playing it and for Astralis that day has come.

Following a disappointing start to the second part of the season, the team have agreed to make a change to the roster while we continue to adapt and strive for success.

As many of you know, we made the tough decision to bench Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen last week, and bring in 16-year-old Anton ‘notaN’ Pedersen to play the remaining ESL Pro League Season 4 games, and today we announce his departure.

We have agreed to transfer karrigan, who has been at the helm of the team since its inception in January, to FaZe Clan with immediate effect for an undisclosed fee.

Talking about the transfer, coach Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen said: “For a long period of time we’ve been changing how we play Counter-Strike. In the end we realized it wasn’t going to work, the meta has changed and so has the dynamics within our team. Finn wanted to play another style than the rest of the team and I, which in the end led to me benching Finn last week. Finn is a great player, a tactical mastermind, but we just couldn’t make it work. I wish him all the best in his coming adventures.”

The change has left a hole in the team that has yet to be replaced but Astralis founder and managing director Frederik Byskov will treasure the moments he shared with the memorable in game leader.

He said: “It’s never easy to say goodbye to players and thus it is with a heavy heart that we are transferring Finn to FaZe today. In the last two years I’ve had some amazing experiences with Finn and the team, including winning many events last year, and he has been nothing but a loyal friend and player in that time. I wish Finn nothing but the best in FaZe, and I’m looking forward seeing him at events in the future.”

Karrigan who has experienced the the highs and the lows of being part of Astralis is now looking forward to a fresh start.

Talking about his transfer, he said: “Today I’m starting a new chapter in my CS:GO career. I’m changing from Astralis to FaZe after nearly 2 years with the core players from Astralis. It has been an amazing time with many ups and downs, especially in 2015, which was a great year for us. We also took a big decision to start our own organization, which has been a life experience and a very interesting thing to do.

“It’s with mixed feelings that I depart from Astralis, but I think it’s a fresh start for both parties. I have had many good moments and these are the ones I’m taking with me in the future.The reason for this change is that in the past few months we haven’t been performing to our expectations, which led to different discussions on how to approach the tactical aspect of the game. We came to an agreed conclusion that it was for the best that our paths now split up and I wish the best in the future for Astralis. I hope they will find their way back to the top.

“I’m also very happy and honoured to have the opportunity to start another chapter with a brand like FaZe. They have a very unique brand, a big fan base and a very talented team, which I hope I can bring to the top where they belong.I want to thank all the Astralis fans, the players and the hardworking guys behind the team for my time with them.”

We would like to thank karrigan for the passion, hard work and leadership he brought to the team and wish him all the best for the future.